Wednesday, 19 June 2024

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Five Types of Optimisation besides SEO

In all this, the most important thing is to optimise the costs and the metrics of the campaigns, on the various platforms, in order to achieve set goals and objectives in the strategy.

A very good CRM helps a business do this, by providing a collage of data analytics reports and dashboards to use and make decisions from.

There is Search Engine Optimisation, then there is Social Media Optimisation, but there is also Budget Optimisation, Campaign Optimisation, Followership Optimisation and CRM Optimisation. 

It is not enough to focus on one without attending to the other issues. SEO is for website and search engine marketing. 

Budget Optimisation is watching the costs of each campaign, to measure the results based on desired outcomes. Social Media Optimisation is the application of optimisation techniques on all social media advertising, posts, and analytics. 

Followership Optimisation is about ensuring the right people follow your social media channels, right audiences respond to your adverts, and the right people consume your sales and marketing literature. This includes profiling consumers based on the brand's identity and marketing strategy.

CRM Optimisation is about productivity improvement, starting from prospecting leads by compiling data, improving customer relationships, and enhancing your business processes to achieve efficiency and optimization with a better return on investments.

All these types of optimisations form the basis for optimisation of all sales and marketing costs, whilst dominating digitally as a brand or business.

With an understanding of how to optimise sales and marketing you are able to reduce advertising costs per lead from R12 per lead to R3 without having to run the lead for long. These kinds of successes have been achieved by the Kupa Creative Group (Pty) Ltd, a South African based marketing business, for business with businesses in diverse industries in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, East Africa, Egypt, and West Africa since 2019.

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Oscar Habeenzu is a Digital Marketing Maestro, certified by Google, LinkedIn, WordPress and Cabanga Media Group, reinventing himself constantly with working experience of over fifteen years, where he has worked at junior and senior levels of Digital Marketing in four countries. He is a published author of “Building a Luxury Brand, Digitally”, “The Creator Economy of South Africa”.

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